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Here are top 10 ways to make some extra spending money. Even a few hours can make a difference. You can end up helping someone get organized and make cash in the process!

BONUS TIP:  Offer to go grocery shopping for your friends so they can stick to their diet. You can’t eat poorly if the unhealthy food isn’t in the house. This is a big one that you can take advantage of most during the entire year.

  1.  Are you always out and about? Let friends and neighbors know that you are willing to help them out by running errands for them. Everyone is busy this time of year and you can either run errands, return items, place online orders, or even sort mail for them. Errand can include buying gifts, returning gifts, picking up dry cleaning, shopping for groceries, and even making healthy meals can be done while you get  yourself organized before spring and you can bring in some much needed cash. Determine a reasonable rate depending on how much time it takes you and spread the word. The Deal Queens have many friends that would love to have some help to get organized this time of  year.
  2. Can you watch a few more kids? Offer to watch kids for just a few hours. Let your kid’s friends’ parents and family know you are willing and available during this time of the year. This is a great way to add playmates to your kid’s day as well as make some extra cash! If you also need someone to watch your kids, you can swap babysitting services. Saving money you expected to pay is just as good as making more!
  3. Can you bake or cook well? If you’re a natural in the kitchen, put together a portfolio of your most eye-catching, mouth-watering healthy recipes. Offer gluten-free baked goods, dressings, and other healthy foods. Spread the word online and through friends and family. Keep to one-off items or local folks because many areas require catering licenses and commercial kitchens. Many people have good intentions to get healthy before the holidays but revert to fast food because they run out of time. If you can swoop in at the last minute and save them you can make a decent amount of extra money. Charge more for fast turn-around than  you do for planned requests.
  4. Do you have a knack for organizing? Offer to organize and label all the holiday gear for people. Or offer to decorate for summer gatherings
  5. Got some extra items you aren’t using or outgrown clothing? Go through your closets and see if there are any clothing items that you can sell. Name brands and top quality outfits sell best. Last year’s winter items such as snow boots, outer coats and jackets are great sellers too. Pull out those expensive wedding gifts that you have never opened. Then search out the consignment stores in your area. Each store may have different policies for consigning clothes. You may either get money immediately, or you may have to wait until the item is sold to receive a percentage. Keep your eye out around the house for anything that a consignment shop would sell, whether it’s ca coat or a serving tray. If you don’t use it, consign it!
  6. Got a smart phone? Use it to get gift cards are your favorite shops! Download apps like Shopkick and RetailMeNot and get points for going into stores and scanning certain items. Get enough “kicks” and you can get gift cards. Stores include Target, Crate and Barrel, Best Buy, Old Navy, and even grocery stores like Albertsons.
  7. Are you good with paperwork and numbers? Can you organize and categorize? Offer your services to friends and family to help them organize their receipts for taxes. You can create a list of write-offs and make sure they have items such as DMV renewal and property tax numbers collected before their tax appointments. Do a little reading on the latest tax laws so you can have additional insight and make yourself even more valuable to your friends and neighbors.
  8. Do you have gift cards that you aren’t using? Sell them on eBay or check local businesses like grocery stores who may buy back these cards. Many people sell gift cards on eBay and you can get about 90% of the value of the card. Shipping will cost you a stamp so offer free shipping to entice more buyers.
  9. Does your house always look gorgeous? Offer to do a little sprucing up for your neighbors for the holidays. Offer to buy pillows, throws, new pictures, etc. to help redo a family area on the cheap!
  10. It is summer cleaning time! Can you help others’ clean and organize? Don’t just offer to clean, come with a  special skill that will make your abilities stand out among the others in your area. Shredding papers, helping people organize clothes, organize bedrooms,  streamline mail and paperwork, organize laundry rooms, mud rooms, and closets can get you in the door and help you make more money.

There is no need to be fully employed if what you need is extra cash. Let people know what skills you have and some may even ask you if you can help them. Be ready with pictures of food items or organized rooms and you can make what you need to pay off those credit cards in no time. You can end up being someone’s saving grace and help make their day extra special.



 Here is the Way

 To Make Quick Cash Today

With spring just around the corner here are five easy ways to make some really quick cash.  My daughter and son are both college students and are always looking for ways to make some extra cash. They often contact friends, family members and neighbors to offer to do odd jobs that people do not have the time or talent to get done. To get the message out that you are offering work you can use Facebook, Twitter, email or just call friends and family.   Here are five easy ways to make quick cash:

mowing the lawn1.) Mow someone’s lawn or do snow removal – My daughter gets paid $50 a month for mowing the lawn of an elderly neighbor in San Diego.  My son mows and bails hay for neighbors in Iowa and makes hundreds every year. Also my son does snow removal for the neighbor. If you have a lawn mower and edger you could easily make $30 – $60 mowing someone’s lawn. Or just a shovel in the winter can make you some quick cash. This is a great way to exercise and make money at the same time.

2.) Babysit – All three of my children used to babysit for the neighbors and usually made $50 a night. You could offer to babysit someone’s children for $10 – $20 an hour. How much you charge can vary depending on how long you are looking after the children as well as how many there are.

3.) Ironing – Many people hate ironing, but love the look of pressed clothes.  My daughter occasionally irons for her aunt and gets $20 for a basket of clothes.  Most people who iron professionally get booked regularly so this is a good way to make quick cash on a regular basis.

CB0417524.) Cleaning – Most cleaning people make $20 an hour.  My cousin cleans for people and she usually charges a flat fee. She even scored a group of business offices that she cleans weekly at a rate of $100/office.  In order to start making your own cash by cleaning, you just need a few basic cleaning supplies such as scrubbing brushes, sponges, bleach and multi-purpose cleaner.

5.) Cook – My niece is a fantastic cook and she often bakes cookies and cakes for family and friends.  The neighbor pays her to make treats.  My friend decorates cakes for birthdays and weddings and makes hundreds of dollars every week. Another friend gets paid by her busy sister to have dinner waiting when her family comes home. You must check the legalities in your area for selling food items from your home, but cooking and baking for others is definitely a quick way to make some extra cash!



Make Money from Other’s Pets!

Terrier Dog  and Cat Sitting on a SofaMy family members are huge animal lovers. Over the years we have had pet dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, guinea pigs, sheep, cows and goats. My daughter loves to take care of her animals and other people’s too.  Here are six ways to make some money taking care of other people’s pets:


1. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is an easy way to make money. Some people operate a pet sitting business like a kennel with people bringing their pets to them and dropping them off. However, my daughter makes money by going to friends and relatives homes and staying while they are on vacation to pet sit. She is always needed during the holidays and in the summer.  Many people do not want to stress out their pet by taking them to a kennel when they are away, so having a pet sitter is the perfect solution!

2. Pet Daycare/Dog Walking

Most people work traditional hours and often want someone to walk and play with their pet during the day. The neighbor might be willing to give you a few bucks to walk their dog or come over and play with their cat.

3. Dog Training/Obedience

There is a lady who comes to a park by my house and trains dogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She works with both the dogs and the owners.  It is interesting to watch as there are an awful lot of people out there who don’t have enough time or skill or both to train a dog properly.  If you are a skilled dog trainer, this is a great way to make some money.

4. Pet Detective

Do you like to solve mysteries? You could use your skills to be a pet detective and help find lost pets.  One time my two dogs got out and I found one immediately, but looked for the other one for a week. I was very upset and could not believe my luck when I found her, but I would have paid for someone to help look for her while I was at work.

5. Pooper Scooper

Cleaning up after dogs and cars can be stinky work and many people will pay to have someone else do this job. All you have to do is go to customers’ properties on a weekly or monthly basis and collect/dispose of dog or cat feces. It is dirty and smelly but so are many things that people do to make money.

6.  Make Homemade Pet Food

Have you seen the articles about commercial pet food killing dogs?  This might be the perfect time to offer your animal loving friends and family homemade pet food.  Some people do not have time to cook for their pets but would love to know that their baby is getting freshly made food.


Selling Coupons Online


Everyone has trash that can be turned into cash.  Many people use coupons at the store which is a smart way to save money on items that you already use; however, here is another way to make money quick – Sell coupons on eBay!

I searched eBaby Using ComputerBay today and found there are 80,329 auctions for coupons and some are selling for a hefty price! A search of the sold coupons found that Skoal’s half off coupons sold for $252.00, Gerber Good Start Baby food coupons sold for $202.98, and the Lowes 10% off coupons sold for $79.99!  Not bad for coupons that many people just toss in the trash.

So, instead of throwing away all the coupons you get, cut them out and post them on eBay as it is a great way to make some quick cash. Here are a few tips to sell coupons on eBay:

  • ·        You need to realize that most coupons include language that prohibits them from being resold. So, check out other eBay buyers and notice that they always have language in their listing that tells the winning bidder is paying for their time to collect, clip, and ship the coupon and not paying for the actual coupon. This is very important because eBay requires that you include that language or they will delete your listings
  • ·        Newspapers are still the number one place to find coupon inserts, especially the Sunday paper.  I often buy two or more if there are good coupons. Also my family saves their papers for me.
  • ·        I ask my neighbors save the advertisements that come in the mail and they are happy to give them to me.
  • ·         Remember, eBay offers every user free auctions so use them every month, and also note that auctions with a starting price under $1.00 only cost fifteen cents so that will keep your seller fees really low.
  • ·        Go to eBay and look at other people’s auctions before you list yours.  It is a great way to figure out how you want to do your listing.   Notice that it is common for eBay sellers to list their coupons in multiples of the same coupon.  Also keep in mind that lots of only 12 to 15 coupons seem to sell for the same amount as the lots of 20. Make sure you also list all of the detailed information of the coupon in your eBay listing (expiration date, exclusions, and whether the coupon can be doubled.).
  • ·        Furthermore, if you do not have 12-15 copies of the same coupon you could list your coupons as an assortment. In this case, I would advise putting them in lots of 100.

Good luck and have some fun making money selling your trash on eBay!


Selling Items on eBay

I have been selling items on eBay for years.. Get the old out of the house and get ready for the new stuff.  There are a few things to do along with posting your item that will make the selling go much easier and will make you better money.

  • Clean the item just enough. If it’s a statue or knick knack, dust it and clean it up as much as you can. If it’s an antique textile or vintage item, don’t clean it if washing it will damage it unless it can’t be sold as is. For vintage or antique furniture, you can actually reduce the value if you do more than wipe it down with furniture oil.
  • Take good pictures. The better your item looks in pictures the more likely it will sell and the more you will get. I use an old white sheet to lay underneath the items I am selling. Make sure you don’t have shadows on the pictures or reflections in glass that you don’t want posted on the internet. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at a piece of furniture or a mirror on eBay and seen a reflection I didn’t want to see.
  • Buyers pay for shipping but you need to box up the item and get it in the mail. If you are selling furniture you can mark it as local pick up only but that can reduce the price by quite a bit. You may just want to sell furniture on Craigslist unless you are used to freight shipping.
  • For smaller items, I highly recommend the US Postal Service. Go to their website and order free flat rate shipping supplies. The supplies will be delivered to you by your mail person. After you sell your item you can print a USPS shipping label from Pay Pal and simply tape it to the free box. Return to the USPS website to schedule a pickup. Put your box outside the front door and you’re done!
  • You never know what will sell. I have been shocked by what sells and what doesn’t on eBay. I have sold old Tupperware canisters for over $50. Hair and skin products that didn’t work for me for over $85 (yes, $85!). Yet some books and items that I was sure would sell didn’t. Just be patient and play with the price. At first the canisters didn’t sell when I had them for $14.99. When it came time to repost the item, I upped the price to $18.50. A bidding war ensued and I made more than $50. Other times I have lowered the price and sold an item that hadn’t sold previously.

I hope these tips give you the confidence to start selling your items on eBay. It’s a great way to make extra cash and get rid of the unused items in your house.


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