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Mother and Daughter

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25 Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Woman and young girl embracing outdoors smiling

  1. Put 52 of your favorite memories about your mom in a jar.  Write one memory for her to read each week over the next year.
  2. Take a family photo from the year and have it put on a coffee mug.
  3. Frame a great family photo.
  4. Put a photo from yesterday and today in a frame. Get a picture from when you were a baby and she was young mom and one of the two of you recently.
  5. Buy a table cloth and use paint to put all the family members hand prints on it.
  6. Put her favorite music on her IPod.
  7. Give her a potted flower that will last for a long time or she can put in the garden.  The dollar store has some pretty ones!
  8. Have the kids/grandchildren make pictures that say “I love mom/grandma because…”
  9. Plan a spa day –  hair appointment, manicure, or pedicure.
  10. Get her a book signed by her favorite author.
  11. Make a framed print that says, “You were right about everything.”
  12. Buy mom custom jewelry with her favorite saying or Scripture verse or just print it off and frame it.
  13. Have the kids or grandkids post an I love you YouTube video.
  14. Make her a bag of her favorite cookies                         .
  15. Make a family photo collage.
  16. Let mom sleep in as long as she likes then surprise her with breakfast in bed.
  17. Buy a recordable storybook and have the kids read it.
  18. Change mom’s cell phone ring to all the kids yelling, “We love you mom/grandma!”
  19. Personalized family tree pillow cover or a pillow case.
  20. Make an extra special Hershey’s chocolate bar with a custom wrapper.
  21. Clean the house top to bottom.
  22. Make an Italian Herb Garden for her kitchen.
  23. Give her a week’s worth of driving the car pool.
  24. Get her car washed, vacuumed and filled up.
  25. Buy the highest thread count sheets you can afford.


10 Affordable Things to Do on Mother’s Day!

Mother and Son PlayingTake your mom to the nearest park or beach. You can sit on a bench and chat or enjoy a picnic.

Go to the zoo.  Many zoos across the country are free on Mother’s Day!

Take Mom to the movies. and let her choose the film. She’ll have a great time and every time she sees that movie in the future, she’ll think of you. Or if you are low on cash then rent a movie or borrow one from the local library. Make your mom lunch or dinner at home and watch the film.

Go with your mom to get photographs together or take the day to do family pictures.

Go out to eat.  Many restaurants have freebies on Mother’s Day but make sure you make reservations first.  If you don’t have a ton of money for eating out then take mom for ice cream!

Visit a swap meet, flea market or ride around and look for yard sales. If your mom likes bargains she’ll really enjoy spending this time with you.

Take your mom to a place she enjoyed as a child. Or take her to visit a friend she doesn’t get to see much!

Take Mom for a massage or spa treatment.  Look for coupons or take her to the local beauty college for a deal on these services.

Take your mom swimming. There are indoor pools if the weather is bad.

Offer to take babysit the children and let Mom have a day alone. A day of peace and quiet to do whatever she wants is a great gift!

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