Valentines Day

Deal Queens Favorite Savings Tip!

worthadollarRather than buy a newspaper for the coupons, download the store app to your smart phone and get the coupons delivered to you!  No clipping or time spent keeping track of your coupons. No more leaving them at home!  Or you can go to online coupon sites and just print the coupons you need!  You can even find organic coupons!  Save money without having to do much work for it. Couponing can be really easy these days.

Valentines Gift Ideas for everyone!

ValentinesDayGiftsWant to see a quick list of great Valentines Day ideas for everyone? Check these Valentines Gifts to see lists for the romantic, the practical valentine, kids, and anyone on your list!

Free Valentine’s Day Memory Set!

vd memory gameGrab this adorable Valentine’s Day memory set from Itsy Bitsy Fun. This is a fun game to play with children and it helps them develop memory skills. Enjoy some fun with the kids!

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